Animal Management

Alice Springs Town Council’s Rangers interact with the community in various roles, from educating on responsible pet ownership, providing advice on livestock ownership, to stray pet collection and administering Council’s by-laws within the local community.

To contact Council’s Ranger Unit regarding any of the following topics, please call (08) 8950 0500 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email to

  • Pet ownership & registration – for residents’ responsibilities under local by-laws and pet registration information.
  • Report an animal at large – to report stray, lost, or wild / feral animals within the municipality, please call Council’s Ranger Unit.
  • Found animal – please call Council’s Ranger Unit. Pets found after-hours can be taken to the Alice Springs Animal Shelter, Len Kittle Drive, and placed in one of the secure cages at the front of the facility.
  • Request an animal trap – to humanely capture pests, feral or stray animals on your property (conditions apply), please call Council’s Ranger Unit.
  • Snakes – to request a snake-catcher, please call 1800 453 210.


Dingoes are a protected species in the NT. To report dingoes present within Alice Springs township, contact NTG Parks & Wildlife Rangers on 8951 8250 | 0401 115 731. For further information on dingoes, click here. To report wild or stray dogs, please call Council's Ranger Unit.

Injured wildlife

Please call Wildcare Alice Springs (volunteer organisation) on 0419 221 128.