Congratulatory Message Register

The Mayor and CEO's office can send a congratulatory message to residents for significant events or other appropriate occasions.

Congratulatory letters are a great way to acknowledge the achievements of our local residents and help recognise the importance of such events within the community.

Events may include:

  • Milestone birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements
  • Official openings
  • Special occasions
  • Condolence letters or with sympathy message
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Awards (significant nominations or winners of an award)

These messages are not sent automatically and you will need to apply within sufficient time prior to the celebration in order to receive the letter.

Congratulatory message from Alice Springs Town Council can be issued to individuals, groups or businesses and are solely at the discretion of Council.

Some further details, information or evidence may be required from the applicant.

Suggested wording and phrases are welcome and the more detail provided, the more personalised the letter can be.

For more information please contact the Alice Springs Town Council CEO’s Office on (08) 8950 0500.

Contact details of message recipient (person the message is being sent to)

Contact details of message requester (person applying for message)