Second Council 1974-1977

The Second Council: May 1974 - May 1977

Elections for members of the second Council were held on 1 June 1974. Brian Martin was re-elected as Mayor.

Elected Members

John Jenkins
Dr Kendall McClelland
Dennis Haddon
Alan Gray
Daryl Hombsch
John Marriott
Andrew McPhee
Peter Leunig

Changes within Council

10 June, 1974: Council re-elected Peter Leunig Deputy Mayor for the current term of office
29 March, 1976: Deputy Mayor Leunig resigned from this position but continued as an Alderman. Alderman Dennis Haddon was appointed Deputy Mayor
Resignation, 12 April, 1976: Mayor Brian Martin. Council appointed Dennis Haddon Acting Mayor
Resignation, 12 April, 1976: Alderman Peter Leunig resigned for personal reasons, and
By-election, 29 May, 1976: Mr Tony Greatorex was elected Mayor. In a four-way contest to fill the vacant position of Alderman, Luigi (Gino) Marinucci was the successful candidate.



There had, since 1954, been a town swimming pool in Railway Terrace built by C. H. "Pop" Chapman, founder of the Centralian Advocate. This pool closed in early 1972.

The town needed a new swimming pool. In fact it needed a complete swimming complex. Such a complex, the Alice Springs Swimming Centre, was completed in August, 1974, and was officially opened on 5 October, 1974.

Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin on Christmas day 1974. A Darwin Relief Appeal was immediately established and a relief centre was set up.

Council’s Depot staff were able to assist by delivering goods bound for Darwin to the Alice Springs airport.

Council wrote to the Minister for the Northern Territory concerning the Town Planner and Administrative Officer.

After Cyclone Tracy they were evacuated from Darwin to Alice Springs and then on to Brisbane.

This delayed the issuing of Building Permits. Their presence in Alice Springs would also have been of considerable assistance to all who had queries concerning the new Town Plan for Alice Springs.



A number of contracts were let in early 1976, including for the erection of dressing sheds at Ross Park, the construction of concrete modules and fencing at the cemetery on the South Stuart Highway, and construction of four netball courts at Ross Park.

Stage 2B of the Racecourse subdivision was accepted by Council.

In another part of town the Council was concerned that the Sturt Bean Tree on the corner of Leichhardt and Stott Terraces might be under threat from a proposal to widen Stott Terrace.

The matter was to be taken up with the Parks and Gardens Committee with the object of saving the Bean Tree. The tree was saved.

In May, 1976, Tony Greatorex was elected by an overwhelming majority as Mayor to replace Brian Martin. Like Jock Nelson, Greatorex had parliamentary experience.

Elected to the Legislative Council as the Member for Stuart in 1965, he was elected as President in 1969 and remained in that position for five years.

In 1976 Brian Martin moved to Darwin. In late 1980 he became NT Solicitor General.

In 1987 he was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court and in March 1993 he became Chief Justice of the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

Council raised objections to the proposed Sadadeen subdivision, including, the small size of some of the blocks, access for Council services would be difficult in some cases, and the number of battle-axe blocks.



Mr J. Reeves, Vice President of the Central Australian Conservation Council, presented a petition opposing the destruction of the white cedar trees lining the streets of Alice Springs.

The petition was supported by one hundred and two signatures.

Council decided to remove the cedar trees after looking into the matter further and receiving advice that the cedars were unsuitablestreet trees.

Planting of trees in Hartley Street was commenced in October 1976.

Council gave P. Blashki and Sons the go ahead to proceed with the crafting of a Mayoral Chain based on a design that they had provided.

Early in 1977, Council members agreed that there was a need for two additional Aldermen.

Up until May, 1977, there were only eight Aldermen.

At the ordinary Election held in May 1977, ten Aldermen were elected.

The development of Ross Park Stage 1, began in March 1976 and was completed in April, 1977.

The development comprised two soccer pitches to international dimensions, four netball courts, an athletics field, change rooms, toilet block, and an access road and car park.

The basketball, tennis, and sideshow area at the northern end of Traeger Park was upgraded in early 1977.