Solar Energy @ Council

Alice Springs has a history as a Solar City

Alice Springs Town Council was the lead proponent in the Alice Solar City project that ran from 2008 to 2013.  In that time the program administered $40M of grant funding, providing a $100M economic boost to the town and a total of 700 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems were installed on homes and businesses. Alice Solar City was one of seven projects funded through the Australian Government Solar Cities Program launched in 2008.  The five year program came to an end with a long list of achievements for both residents and commercial properties. For more on this successful community project, check out the below link to legacy reports and fact sheets.


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Solar at Alice Springs Town Council

Alice Springs Town Council has a growing number of solar installations. In 2018 Council installed its first ever ground mounted, large scale solar array at Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre, bringing Council's total solar capacity to 575kW. These solar PV systems reduce our greenhouse gas emission and save on energy bills.

Solar energy now comprises 20% of the energy use of five of our major facilities - Civic Centre, Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Council Depot, Alice Springs Public Library and the Regional Waste Management Facility.

Andy McNeill Room (Civic Centre)
Civic Centre Carpark
Civic Centre Main Roof
Civic Centre Reception
Waste Management Facility
Traeger Park

Cities Power Partnership

Alice Springs Town Council is a participant in the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership. As well as being a commitment to action, participating in the CPP provides Council with the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with other local governments. You can learn more about the CPP here.