Centralian Awards

The Centralian Awards are awarded each at each Australia Day Flag Raising and Citizenship Ceremony, celebrating the recipients' significant contributions to the Alice Springs community.

There are five awards:

  • Centralian Citizen of the Year
  • Young Centralian Citizen of the Year
  • Centralian Senior Citizen of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year

Nominate now

Nominations for the 2020 Awards are now open, and close on 2 December 2019. The nomination form is available here.

The previous award winners are as follows:

Year Awarded Citizen Young Citizen Event    
1981 Joan Higgins        
1982 Margaret Hall Andrew Lee      
1983 Graham Ross Carol Frost      
1984 Harry Portlock Susan Kennedy      
1985 Ossie Watts Toni Semple      
1986 Alan Wauchope Vicki Rice      
1987 Lyel Kempster John Piper      
1988 Paul Sitzler Matthew Kennedy      
1989 Bill Prior Chris McLean      
1990 Len Kittle Steven Williams      
1991 Sue Ride & Eileen Heath Aaron Norris      
1992 John Amadio Hamish MacDonald      
1993 Bob Corby Nicole Walsh      
1994 Francis Woods Tricia O’Callaghan      
1995 Allan Page Ashley Briggs      
1996 Bev Seidel Dale McIver      
1997 Max O’Callaghan Lizzie Morton      
1998 Jan Beven Mister Shaun      
1999 Russell Naismith Natalie Moody      
2000 Mary Dare        
2001 Paul Herrick Lisa McGargill      
2002 Russell Ward Gavin McGargill & Tallulah Cunningham      
2003 Scott Balfour, David Evans & Bob Barford Kerry Hobbs      
2005 Mary Meldrum Emma Smith      
2006 John Pyper Kylie Bell      
2007 Mildred Inkamala & Pippa Tessman Kelvin Caspari      
2008 June Noble  Tanika Richards      
2009 Dianne Deans & Maureen York   Beanie Festival    
2010 Dean Griffiths Isaac Elliott Variety Club Bash    
2011 Chris Wilkinson Darcy Davis National Road Transport Hall of Fame Reunion    
  Centralian Citizen Young Centralian Citizen Event Volunteer Senior Citizen
2012 Bev Ellis Gavin Henderson ASTC Christmas Carnival    
2013 Glen Auricht Annalies Doecke Drovers Ball    
2014 Peter Lowson Jacilyn Lindner NT & Australian Dirt Kart Titles Michelle Thomas  
2015 Michele Castagna Makhosini Khumalo Asbuild Colour Smash Lex Fitchett  
2016 Gerry Lyons Caleb Maru Red Centre NATS Street Parade Ben Crawford  
2017 Andrea Mason Cindy Uzzell & Claire Ryan Alice Springs Running and Walking Club Russell North Geoff Sloan
2018 Debbie Page Shaquiena George The Poppy Project Jeff Huyben Celia Otley
2019 Robert Clarke Jordann Hickey 2018 Finke Street Party & Night Market Megan Brown Syd Kinsman