Living in Alice

Alice Springs Town Council is the local government organisation for Alice Springs, with a municipal area of 320km2 and a population of approximately 27,000 residents.

Alice township is nestled against the majestic and ancient MacDonnell Ranges – known to the Arrernte as Tjoritja (pronounced choor-it-ja) – stretching 644km, with the southern gateway aptly named ‘The Gap’ dividing east and west.

New residents may find the information listed below useful in establishing a household and social network in Alice Springs.

Though globally renowned as a romantic, dusty, outback community with a few rustic buildings and kangaroos hopping down the main street (courtesy of a popular 1950s book by Nevil Shute and ensuing film productions), Alice Springs today is a typically modern and industrious Australian town.

Alice is alive with cosmopolitan character, a thriving arts community, and offers newcomers and visitors a wealth of opportunities for indulging the senses. Whether your passion is exploring Aboriginal culture, the arts, team sports, fitness, photography, camping, hiking, motor sports, desert-racing, native flora or wildlife, Alice will charm its way into your soul.