Trees in Alice

In Alice Springs, many trees are significant not just for relief from the sun, or perhaps supporting a micro-ecosystem, but also (potentially) for cultural reasons.

Sacred Trees

The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority is charged with overseeing the protection of Aboriginal sacred trees and sites across the Northern Territory. Residents are advised to contact the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority for any questions or concerns relating to sacred trees on or near their property.

Significant Trees

Land for Wildlife Central Australia, a voluntary conservation group, maintains the NT Register of Significant Trees on behalf of the National Trust NT. The register aims to educate and create awareness around protecting significant trees, which form part of the heritage of the Northern Territory.

Trees may be registered for historic, cultural, botanical or aesthetic reasons.

If you feel there is a tree of significance on your property or within the community, please contact the Register on (08) 8955 5222 or visit their website.