Native Plants Database

Title Common Name Plant Distribution Plant Growth Plant Height Plant Width Category
Grevillea rosmarinifolia Rosemary-leaved Grevillea Australia Medium to fast 1.5-3m 2-3m Large Shrubs
Grevillea stenobotrya Rattlepod Grevillea Central Australia Medium to fast 2-6m 2-4m Large Shrubs
Grevillea striata Beefwood Local Slow to medium 6-10m 3-5m Trees
Grevillea thelemanniana (prostrate forms) Spider-flower Australia Medium to fast 0.3m 1-2m Ground Cover
Grevillea thelemanniana ssp. obtusifolia = G. obtusifolia Australia Medium to fast 0.3m 1-4m Small Shrubs
Grevillea wickhamii ssp. aprica Holly-leaf Grevillea Local Medium 1.5-5m 1.5-4m Large Shrubs
Grevillea \Bronze Rambler\ Australia Medium 0.3m 1-4m Ground Cover
Grevillea \Pryor's Hybrid\ Australia Fast 1-2m 1.5-2m Small Shrubs
Grevillea \Winpara Gem\ Australia Fast 1.5-2.5m 1-2.5m Small Shrubs
Hakea divaricata Fork-leaved Corkwood Local Slow 4-7m 2-4m Trees
Hakea leucoptera ssp. leucoptera Needlewood Local Slow 2-6m 3-4m Large Shrubs
Hakea lorea ssp. lorea = H. suberea Long-leaf Corkwood Local Slow 3-8m 3-4m Large Shrubs
Halgania cyanea Blue Halgania Central Australia Medium 0.2-0.4m 0.5-1m Ground Cover
Hardenbergia violacea \Happy Wanderer\ Native Lilac Australia Fast 2mm 2-6m Ground Cover
Harnieria kempeana = Sarojusticia kempeana Central Australia Medium 0.2-0.6m 0.4m Ground Cover
Hibbertia glaberrima Desert Buttercup Central Australia Medium 0.3-0.6m 0.7m Ground Cover
Hibiscus sturtii Sturt's Hibiscus Local Medium 0.3-0.8m 0.6m Small Shrubs
Indigofera georgei George's Indigo Central Australia Medium 0.5m 1m Ground Cover
Ipomoea costata Bush Potato Central Australia Fast 0.2m 1-4m Ground Cover
Isotoma petraea Rock Isotome Local Fast 0.3m 0.3m Ground Cover