Alice Springs Garden Cemetery

The Alice Springs Garden Cemetery is Alice Springs' most recently established cemetery, having opened in 1974.

Situated off the south Stuart Highway, this cemetery was established to provide ample space, meeting the needs of the community for several generations.

Close to 3 hectares in size, the Garden Cemetery comprises of 27 sections with between 6 and 8 rows per section.

Click here to view a map of the Garden Cemetery's sections.


Alice Springs Garden Cemetery Chapel

Opened in May 2017, the Garden Cemetery Chapel was constructed to provide a culturally neutral facility in which memorial services of all cultures and traditions could take place.

The Chapel’s rear walls slide out and open onto an outdoor area, allowing it to accomodate for small and intimate funeral services, as well as larger scale funerals. 

An adjoining garden provides a place for quiet reflection, with artworks intended to evoke the universal experience of grieving and loss. The chapel is thoughtfully decorated with artworks of local flora and birdlife.