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Rates in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Town Council provides and maintains a comprehensive range of recreational, cultural, environmental, humanitarian services and facilities.

About 60 per cent of the money needed to provide these services comes from rates levied on properties in Alice Springs.

Council aims to keep rates as low as possible. Considering our small population and the extra expense involved in acquiring goods and services in the centre of Australia, Council rates compare favourably with those charged by many other councils around the country.

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Many of Council's ratepayers have requested that Council contact them via email in addition to physical mail. 

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General Rates

The General Rates are calculated by multiplying the Unimproved Capital Value of each parcel of land by the declared rate set by Council.

If this results in an amount less than the minimum amount payable, as set by Council, then the minimum amount payable will apply.

The Unimproved Capital Value of land used by Town Council is provided by the Valuer General.

The Unimproved Capital Value is the value of the land without any improvements, that is, a vacant block without buildings, fences, etc.

Valuations are updated every three years. Fluctuations in valuations cause shifts in the amount of rates paid by individual ratepayers in various areas of the town.

Basically, the people with the most valuable land pay higher rates.

If you have any queries regarding the valuation of your property, these should be directed to the Valuer General’s Office, telephone (08) 8943 9193.


Payment of Rates

Rates are payable by instalments. Rates and charges for each financial year (1 July to 30 June) are due and payable by four instalments.

Reminders of the due dates are advertised in the local media. Ratepayers may choose to pay the full amount of the rates and charges for the year by the first due date.  Payment of your full annual rates and charges (and any arrears) by the first instalment date and you could win a rates refund! 

The Early Bird Draw applies only to individuals (being a natural person, not companies, government bodies, or incorporated bodies), who are entered in the Early Bird Draw to win a refund on their rates (not exceeding $3,000). The refund does not include the cost of waste management charges.  Entry is automatic with full payment before the first instalment date and winners are advertised in the local media.


There are penalties for late payments

If your rate payment is not received by the due date the account will be in arrears.

Penalties for late payment on the outstanding instalment will be calculated on a daily basis from the date on which the missed instalment was due until the date payment is made in full.

Penalties for late payments are charged at a set percentage per annum.

If you are having difficulty in making the required payment by the due date, please contact the Rates Office on (08) 8950 0500.


Due Dates

The due dates for the 2019/2020 financial year are as follows:

First Instalment – 06/09/2019

Second Instalment – 01/11/2019

Third Instalment – 07/02/2020

Fourth Instalment – 03/04/2020

More information about Rates for the current year is available in the Rates Declaration 2019-2020.


Ways to Pay your Rates

BPAY View: Log into your online banking and register for BPAY View. Information regarding how to register can be found on your rates notice, and is also available from our BPAY View page. For more information regarding BPAY View, visit the official BPay View website.

Online Payments: Click here and follow the links to make a payment.

In Person: Make your payment at the Civic Centre from 8am to 5pm weekdays by cheque, cash, MasterCard or Visa.

By Mail: Post a cheque or money order with your deposit slip, or complete your MasterCard or Visa details on your deposit slip, to Council at PO Box 1071, Alice Springs NT 0871. Mail payments must be received on or before the due date to avoid a penalty for late payment.

By Phone: Phone 1300 437 967 with your MasterCard or Visa details.

By BPAY: Contact your participating bank to pay directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account. Quote the biller code and reference number as indicated by the BPAY logo on your rates notice.

By Direct Debit: Complete an application form which is available from the Civic Centre or download from our forms page. Council can then draw on your cheque or savings account on the dates rates are due.

By Payroll Deduction: Employees of the NT Government and some other organisations can pay their rates through regular payroll deductions.

Please Note: Ratepayers remain responsible for ensuring payments are made in full by the instalment due dates. Please ensure correct reference details are used when making payment - failure to do so may incur a charge.

If you believe you will have difficulty making the required payment by the due date, please contact the Rates
Officer on 8950 0500.


Notification of managing agent: Commercial or Residential

If you are the principal ratepayer for a property within the Council municipality but you have instructed a real estate agent to manage your property on your behalf, you will have to complete this form to notify Council of the postal address of the agent for the purpose of any dealings with the property's issue of rates notices. Use this form in conjunction with the form titled 'additional list of managed properties and change of address'.

Notification of Managing Agent can be downloaded here.


Change of Address

Avoid any problems by remembering to notify Council when changing your address.

The Local Government Act requires ratepayers to notify Council in writing of any change of mailing address within 28 days.

A penalty of $3,080.00 for not doing so may apply. The form is on our Forms page.


Concession for Pensioners

Aged Pensioners are entitled to a concession on their rates.

Concessions for eligible pensioners are automatically included in their assessment on the rates notice.

Enquiries regarding your eligibility for pensioner concessions on rates and rebates for part-year eligibility should be directed to the Northern Territory Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme, please contact the Pensioner Concession Unit on 1800 777 704 or email at