Building and development

Building and development

The Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics, is responsible for the approval of developments within the municipality of Alice Springs. The Northern Territory Planning Scheme is used as a guide for this.

If your proposed development complies with the Northern Territory Planning Scheme please contact a Building Certifier.

If your development varies from the requirements of the Northern Territory Planning Scheme, contact the Development Assessment Services team at the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics, Alice Springs. They will forward your application to Alice Springs Town Council for Council's list of requirements. This will be provided in reply to your application. Council's associated fees are listed in Council's Municipal Plan.

A Permit to Work within the Road Reserve must be obtained from Alice Springs Town Council before work is done on Council managed land or assets. Assets such as verges, laneways, roads, stormwater pits, drainage easements are owned and maintained by Council. Driveways must be maintained by the owner of the property.

Please see the diagram below for the process.

For further enquiries contact Manager Developments via or call 8950 0538.

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